Steven Pica is recognised by the Law Institute of Victoria as an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist

Specialist Accreditation

Standards for attaining accreditation engenders confidence in an Accredited Specialists’ ability to competently provide high quality representation. Our practitioners endeavour to meet, then surpass our client’s expectations. and meet the expectations.

Accredited Specialisation is a way of differentiating between firms practising in the same area of law.

Being an Accredited Specialist offers potential clients a reliable means of identifying solicitors with special competence in particular areas of practice, as recognised by their peers and the Law Institute of Victoria

Accreditation encourages improvement in the quality, speed and cost-efficiency of legal services.

Law Institute of Victoria

The LIV is generally acknowledged as the leader of the Victorian legal profession.

It consists of 14,500 members including legal and non-legal professionals from the private sector, government, tertiary institutions, industry and local community.

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